Classic Sepic River mask

aaaMystrySolvd-945Q:   I have recently inherited 2 south pacific masks from my parents which they collected when on a trip during the 1980’s. I was wondering if you can tell me more about them. I have photos but can’t attach to this email. Hope you can reply and I can send you this pictures. Think 1 is from Papua New Guinea / Vanuatu.  Gerry, 945

A:  Thanks for sending the pics. I will comment on the mask with more detail and precision. It is a beautiful example of PNG work. Please go to “Oceania” and scroll down to post #899. What I say there applies to this one as well. Also, would you mind sending us the length of the pictured mask? You may use the comments box.


  • Bob Ibold

    Sepik Masks from Papua New Guinea come in various styles, which vary mainly depending on the specific region they come from. The best known are from the Lower Sepik River. Most of the masks we see today come in a wide variety of designs from the Middle Sepik area and have been produced for sale to tourists and the export trade. Happily, these commercial masks are much cheaper.

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