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Comedy character from Java

Q: “I will always answer your email.” Quote from you, Bob. Well, I haven’t heard word one from you. I first submitted my mask about a year ago, I think. When I hadn’t heard anything for several months and reviewed your site and did not see it, I resubmitted my photos. Still no word. I’m still very interested in any information you might give me. Let me try this again. Joanne, 853

A: Joanne, thank you for being so patient with me. I hope I can deserve it. The pictures you sent are of a Javanese half-mask that would be used for one of the dance dramas or various types of celebrations and other ceremonies. Yours looks like a Pentul or Bagong I have seen. Both characters have that fat, ugly nose. Javanese and Balinese masks can be difficult to identify because there are so many different characters. But that also makes them fun to collect. B

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