Diablico Sucio carnival mask


Q: This is a very large mask, made from paper. It has horse teeth and screens where the eye holes are. I think it is Mexican, but do not know where in Mexico it was made. I would like to find out more information about this mask. I do not remember where I bought it. I usually haunt thrift shops and flea markets. Mickey, 852

A: This wild devil comes from Panama. It is much like many Caribbean carnival masks which reflect a strong African influence on this character. There’s also a European influence. Going back to Colonial times, European devil masks were introduced after the terrible plague. A

Mickey added this:
I have masks from Mexico, Africa, Orient, East Asia… all types… shapes, sizes and materials. I buy what appeals to my nature and haunt the thrift shops, flea markets, estate sales and yard sales! I’ve been collecting since I was a teenager….long time ago!

I had to add this because I started collecting masks the same way. There wasn’t the time or money for me to travel.

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