Dan racer mask from W. Africa


Q:  Please appraise this mask for me.  I appreciate it.  Richard, 1220

A:  We do not do appraisals as part of our free “Ask the Mask Man” service. But the Dan you sent in is a modern copy (albeit, of poor quality) of one of the most collectible masks in the world. You can read about the two basic types on page 20 of our book, Masks of the World, or go to Google for much more info.

I decided to show first an old, used racer mask that, despite its condition, still shows off the exquisite proportions of this very-collectable piece of folk art. It would sell for over a thousand dollars… without any provenance! Someone interested in putting together a small beginner’s collection of African masks could probably get one as good as yours for $25.  C-


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