Devil mask from Guatemala

 Q:  I know that this mask is at least 55 years old. My mother bought it sometime around 55 or 60 years ago.  I do not know if it was new or used when she purchased it. Was wondering approximate value and where from, although it is not for sale.  Pat, 1114

A:  Devil masks have been gaining popularity in Guatemalan dances ever since Catholic priests started introducing them hundreds of years ago. Hanging out with with the dreaded coral snake would be a Mayan addition. This mask has glass eyes, snakes and wood horns that can be removed. It was made for sale to tourists. If it was for use it would have eye holes. The tourist industry of Guatemala and Mexico was growing rapidly in the 1950s and the rest of the century. Though a little sloppy in construction, this Devil is traditional in style and worth collecting.  B-


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