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Cheap Balinese tourist mask from 1960’s

Q:  This is one of three masks my parents bought on a trip to Indonesia in the 1960s.  I’m pretty sure they bought them on Bali.  They were there with the Washington State Wheat Commission.  I don’t know how much they paid but I’m sure not much. I have looked at images online and have not seen much that looks like my masks so I was hoping you might know something about them.  I have read some of your other posts so I understand they might not have value.  I just like them and would like to have some background if you have any to offer.  Noreen, 1115

A:  I picked the green mask because that color is rare for characters from the classical dance dramas of Java and Bali. With a little research you might be able to discover his name. Also, it has been quickly carved and painted, but has not been artificially aged, which would happen to an inexpensive tourist mask today. I would suggest straightening the mustache, all three of your masks will display nicely together.  C+



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