Easter Devil mask, Guanajuato, Mexico

Q:  I have to sell an old mask collection and need help. Please advise. I am going to send just a few right now so you can see that this collection is grand. I have to work right now and so I can get them the right size.  Darla, 1326

A: These two Diablos are used in the Pastorelo dance. You can learn more about how Easter is celebrated in the state of Guanajuato on the internet. These two masks are great. The first one has those nasty creatures crawling all over the face, which is often done by the carvers in this part of Mexico. The other features a spectacular headdress made of old branches. I have never seen this kind of decoration used before. It could come from some place else. I’m curious to see the rest of your collection. You may want to have them appraised.  A-

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