East Asia

Exorcising mask from Guizhou, PRC

Q: I’ve long been interested in the nature, age and quality of this Chinese carved wooden face mask with articulating eye openings and movable jaw. It’s about life size 29 x 17cm. Thanks for your consideration. Arthur, 1514

A: Thank you for waiting so long for my reply. Your mask has a very interesting look to it with the two heads on the side, its eyes and jaw, and lack of paint. Probably authentic in the sense that tourists and exporters would want nothing to do with it. Can’t find anything similar in my research. Guizhou Province is a guess.

China is the largest and one of the oldest countries in the world. Surely someone out there can tell us a little more about this excellent collector’s item. B+ or better.


  • Rosemary Mundy

    I have an exact mask, mine has no paint what so ever. It is in good condition and I purchased it at an auction from an estate that was being sold off and most of the items were from all over the world.

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