Far out Mexican decorative

Mexican Decorative
Mexican Decorative

Q: Today I purchased this mask and I need help to figure out the origin. The human bird like character reminds me of Mark Chagall and his mythical naïve world. Technical elements: carved wood, with fabric on top and painted plaster.  Can you tell me your opinion about this item?  Adrian, 546

A: This little guy is what collectors of Mexican masks call a decorative. You can see some of them at the bottom of my Mexico page. They can be very imaginative. I like them, but many collectors and anthropologists do not because these artistic masks have nothing to do with traditional dances and are made for selling to tourists only. So what! I find them enjoyable, including yours. A lot of decoratives come from the state of Guerrero. Donald Cordry’s famous book Mexican Masks is filled with them.  C+




















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