Stunning art, but not a mask

unknown sculpture
bronze sculpture

Q: I think this is bronze. Can’t find it anywhere on the net. The Cobras on the forehead and the turtles on the ears caught our attention as well as the symbols on the base.  Jim, 9-11-13

A: It is a very appealing bronze sculpture. From where, I do not know. Lost wax bronze castings are done in many parts of the world, and in some places like China and India, for over 1000 years. I also want to point out that it is not a mask. My definition of mask is something meant to be worn for ceremony, celebration, or some other function. This piece is meant to be decorative art. Perhaps someone reading this post will recognize the style as coming from a particular culture.


  • Connie Stinebaugh

    I found picture of your bronze cast mask on the internet. I inquired sometime back with “this” same picture. I think This was initially my inquiry from somewhere(don’t) remember the site. I have this piece and would like more information about it. I have done a little research but found nothing.

    You may email me if you wish. I don’t do facebook or twitter though.

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