Great masks are still being made


Q: After a year of trying, I’ve finally acquired a genuine Rottweiler Narrensprung “Gschell” mask from a German mask collector I know.  The workmanship is fantastic, as you can see. Enjoy!  Aaron, 564

A: I do indeed enjoy seeing this famous mask. It is wonderful that carvers are still making these masks and that villagers are still wearing them.  A+

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  • Alfonso I. Casso

    I have a similar mask that is about 100 years old. The Guide to Collectors Masks also shows an identical mask as the one I have, but mine is missing the hair. Interesting that today they are still making the same style of masks, because your mask is a more recent example. I remember Bob emailing me when I purchased my mask from ebay. Apparently, he was also monitoring the same mask. Lucky for me I won the bid. My favorite masks are European, Monpa, and Native American Masks. Enjoy your mask!

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