Guatemalan immigrates to Brazil

a Vaquero
a Vaquero

Q: My understanding is that this is an older Brazilian Carnaval mask, I picked it up on a trip years ago. Old or not I really like the mask and have kept it in the bath looking down on the unassuming visitor……it always gets a comment!  Justin, 617

A: First, a note of explanation. I only do one mystery mask per person, but Justin told me he had a Brazilian Carnaval mask and I couldn’t resist. You see them in photos of Carnaval, but they don’t come into the collector market. So I was very curious. Here’s what I got. A typical little Guatemalan dance mask. I was disappointed, but we haven’t gotten a Guatemalan in awhile so some of our readers with enjoy seeing it. How bout that blush on the cheeks and nose? This particular character is very common. By changing the hair and/or skin color it can be one of several different characters. I rather like it. B

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