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Himalayan mushroom mask

aaaMystrySolvd-1000This is another one of Aaron’s acquisitions. It is a rare spiritual mask that has been made from a large, single Lingzhi fungus (Ganoderma Lucidum). The large, convex shape of the fungus can be carved to form  a nose, ears, mouth and eyes of a round face. Sometimes a composite material is added for high areas. The result is quite powerful in a strange way. This one is rough and probably quite old.  Bob, 1000

Please note the number of this post. There are 999 more in the archives. You can access any mask by picking the appropriate category on the right. Click on “India & Himalayas.” There is also a mushroom mask on page 38 of the recent book by yours truly, Masks of the World.


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  • Bob Ibold

    Masks can be made of so many different things. In addition to large fungi, there are some carved out of coconuts, squashes, mollusk shells, bones… I could go on and on. Perhaps someone out there collects masks made of different materials.

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