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Himalayan mask with open eyes and nose

Q: Today I present to you my new buddy! I took it on Catawiki because I liked his nose (or rather his lack of it) not believing that he was a master chef. When I took it in my hands I realized it was a skull and I thought due to the three skulls on the head and the two side fans, it could be a Citipati. The smell is old wood and I love it. it looks like a picture 149 on page 40 of your book even if the definition of ebook does not allow me to investigate. It’s about 17 inches long.It looks old and used.

The mask still has residues of color: red around mouth and eyes,black on the forehead white for the teeth and orange/gold for the base, and some stains on the skulls that crown the head. It had to be much more colorful. Monica, 1593

A: All I know about this interesting mask is the large area from which it comes. It is a well carved Himalayan mask that is too unusual in its details for me to be able to identify it. Monica’s photos are sharp, but I can’t tell whether it is old and used, or carefully antiqued. Please share your opinion with us on the “comment” space.

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