East Asia

Japanese mask with long nose

This is the famous Tengu. They’re known to inhabit the mountainous regions of Japan and fly from treetop to treetop carried by expansive feathered wings. Tengu are not necessarily evil creatures, but they probably shouldn’t be crossed. If you show the proper respect, they’ve been known to share their marital knowledge of the sword with us mortals, but beware their wrath at the same time.

This powerful mask of Tengu is an extraordinary example of this character with its dramatic and spectacular face and nose. It represents the mischievous Forest God seen in Kyogen plays performed between Noh Dramas. It is both terrifying and intriguing, but it is a favorite of collectors and much of the Japanese population. I’ve also seen them use as subjects for drawings, paintings and tattoos.

Do you want one? There are always plenty of them on eBay. Look them over carefully and pick the one that pleases you most. Brand new ones are usually quite cheap.


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