Large mask or sculpture

Q: Just wondering if anyone can tell me about this mask. It probably weighs 45 lbs. Three feet tall by 1.9 wide, 7 inches deep, it’s huge! Gary, 1761

A: The look of your huge “mask” is a little confusing. It could be a sculpture made for a specific reason, or a big mask held by hand. Whether it is an authentic artifact, or something made for commerce must be determined by others. African or Asian? Perhaps one of our viewers will have a comment. All I can say is that it is very decorative and will display well.





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  • Verdi

    It is supposed to be a Timor mask.
    2 birds motif on its forehead is typical Timor’s motif
    That type of motifs (geometric, anthropomorphic, zoomorphic, etc) mostly applied in productions of Timor’s objects for comercial -decorative purposes since early 90’s (in Timor and Bali !), until recently.

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