Native America

NWC Native American mask

Q: I purchased it as-is. It was relatively cheap because of the extensive cracking damage from drying out. We added the string in the back for hanging on the wall, so that is not original to the piece. The hair plugs are quite coarse and long so I’m guessing horse tail, but I couldn’t say for sure. Sarah, 1762

A: This nicely designed and made mask was probably carved by a Native American in 2020 for use or sales. But something happened to it, so Sarah was able to get it cheap. Let’s try to find out who the carver is. He is obviously a skilled artist. The eyes are different from any I’ve seen before. If someone knows his name I hope they will send it to us in the comment box. A


  • Chris

    A very nice mask, must have been a skilled carver. It is strange that the crack is as it is – maybe it has fallen down at some point of time, I don’t think that this is just because of drying wood. Unfortunately, the three pieces were apparently glued together in a rather swift style. It should have been done better, more neatly. Maybe you can have it re-done by a skilled wood craftsman/woman, maybe even by a native american one who could try to apply some of the missing color at the cracks. I think that this would enhance the value of the mask considerably.

    • Sarah

      Yes, the cracks were previously glued very poorly. They weren’t lined up flush so while glued tight, they are still a mess. I am hoping to find someone with the necessary wood working skill to fix it.

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