Lovely piece of PNG art

aaaMystrySolvd-938-1aaaMystrySolvd-938-2Q:  Purchased in antique store for $35.00. All wood. Measures 30″H x 10″W. Has shells for eyes and a carved bird on the top. It has a string for hanging on the back. I have looked at a lot of masks and can’t quite identify this or put a value on it. Can you help?  Charlene, 938

A:  Thanks for the sharp photos of the front, side and rear. Good photos are always a big help to me.

Papua New Guinea represents the last indigenous culture to be discovered by collectors. Now a few talented carvers are making especially nice pieces for the market. This particular mask is traditional in design, but it is beautifully executed… especially how the bird is overlayed. Some can be very creative as well. Let’s hope that what has happened with carving in the Pacific Northwest also flourishes in PNG. Keep your eyes open for this new art movement.  B+


  • charlene rheaume

    Thank you for your quick response. Is there any value to this and any idea when it could have been made? Thanks

  • Bob Ibold

    Both of those questions are addressed in an appraisal. Unlike “Ask the Mask Man” which is free, appraisals require a fee.

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