Many masks are made for money


Q: The pictures I sent were my dad’s mask today it fell off the wall and landed face up on the floor it was about 5 to 6 feet from the wall when I turned it over my dad labeled it with the name Tambanan Devil Mask it was hanging on a wall 7-8 feet high!!!! It was eerie and I’ve had things happening since New Year’s Day 2014 and I’m trying to figure this out!!!!  Susan, 609

A: Your dad bought a tourist mask made somewhere in Papua New Guinea. Perhaps you can find out who the Tambanan people are. PNG is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. 848 different languages are listed for the country and there may be at least that many separate tribes. But maybe you shouldn’t bother. This mask was made to be sold to foreigners and has little resemblance to an authentic cultural artifact. But it is exotic looking so you should continue to enjoy it on the wall. C-

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