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Maori design on masks and tattoos

New Zealand
New Zealand

Q:  That would be just fine with me if you post my Maori mask on your blog.  I purchased it in 1989 at The Auckland Museum.  The mask measures 5 ½ “ x 11 ¼ “.  Edward, 628

A:  I’ve never had a Maori item on the Mystery Mask blog. Finally, after 627 post we get to see one. I will say it is a traditional Maori design with abalone shell eyes, but it’s a decor item bought at a museum shop, not a real mask. Polynesian masks are hardly ever seen except in a few museums and books. The Maori and some other Polynesian cultures were also skilled at tattooing and their designs have have influenced the rest of the world in that art. I’ll bet this looks great on your wall. Thanks for sharing with us.

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