Mask from Sepik River, PNG

Q:  I came across this really interesting mask at an estate sale. They thought it might be Alaskan in origin. After i brought it home and did a little research of my own, i came across your website and from what i can tell i think it may be an example of a PNG Sepik River area mask.  Can you confirm or debunk this based on these pictures, and maybe give me an idea of how old you think it might be?  Eric, 899

You did your homework!  But now I want you to do more and try to find out how old this piece is. Mask made before the 1940’s were carved with stones. Then steel tools slowly are introduced. In the 1970’s tourism begins and we see some masks that are dirtied to make them look old and used. Hopefully you or the blog will find an expert who can help with this.  The expert might also name the mask and identify the village from which it came.


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