Mexican black Devil mask

Q: Here’s another interesting Mexican devil mask to share with your followers. I purchased it online in 2018 for approx $60. Unfortunately the seller could offer very little detail regarding which state in Mexico it was from. The wooden portion of the mask is approx 8″x 5″ with some type of animal skin (goat?) attached around the perimeter. It also has what appear to be goat fur mustache and eyebrows. The teeth and fangs are applied wood. He is a very menacing, yet dapper looking fellow. Dan, 1683

A: Dan is a very experienced collector, but even the smartest guys can occasionally be stumped. All I can do is confirm that it is Mexican and was probably well used in cultural. Because of its unusual eyes, nose, smile and chin it would be sought after by collectors and museums if they could know the village and state from which it came. I would be so pleased if one of our viewers would suggest a location. A

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