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Congo style
Congo style

Q:  I’d love your thoughts on this mask I recently bought at auction; it’s around 30cm in height and made from a fairly light weight wood. Could it be from Congo I wonder? Many thanks in advance.  Nicky, 703

A:  Yes, it could be from the Congo, and possibly from the same area as the Lwalu mask that just came in a few hours ago. So what I said previously applies to your mask as well. But I’m doubtful about it’s authenticity. There are large numbers of African masks being made for the tourist trade all over Africa. Follow the same instructions I just gave Machelle. Good luck.  C


  • DUBOIS Marc

    I agree with you !
    It is a Lwalu (Lwalwa) mask ; being made for the art market / tourist trade.
    If you can help, I’m also interested in such a mask… made for tribal use.
    Best regards

    • Bob Ibold

      Sorry to take so long. It didn’t get to read your comments until now. I don’t allow myself to help people buy or sell masks on the Mystery Mask blog. Best wishes for your efforts in finding the mask you want.

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