Nicely sculpted Guatemalan mask

By the same carver?
By the same carver?

Q:   I have two masks I am interested in selling. These masks were purchased at an estate auction of a diplomat who lived in Alexandria, VA.  I bought them at an antiques shop.  The seller thinks they might be from Mexico, but he is uncertain.  I typically “pick” items for resale on ebay.  I would be interested in purchasing an appraisal for the masks, or I might be interested in selling them to you if you were interested.  Not sure of the best route to take.  Mike, 800

A:  As you know, submitting more than one mask is discouraged on the Mystery Mask blog. So are requests for monetary value. Moving on to the good stuff, this mask will look great on the wall from any angle. It is an entertaining portrait in wood, and I like the other one almost as much. Where in Guatemala do they come from? Or could they be from somewhere in Mexico? Are they as old as they look? We’re they done by the same guy or even in the same country? I think we should try to learn more about these two before you sell them.

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