Native America

NWC raven mask, sort of


Q:  I have always been interested in African masks but thought this may be a Haida or Tlingit raven mask. I’m just guessing. Is it old or a reproduction? There is a name written inside. I’m not sure but it looks like “Rovea Tona.”  Emily, 785

A:  It is a reproduction of a Northwest Coast Indian raven mask as you said, but serious collectors prefer the masks made by Native American carvers. The made-in-America (or Canada) versions are usually of much better quality. And it is nice to support these highly skilled craftsmen, rather than the exporters and importers who make extra money on the ones from Asia. Having got that off my chest, this would be a very decorative piece to hand from the ceiling of a room in your home. The hair and oyster shell eyes are very nice extras. C


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