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Old Balinese mask

Q: Wondering about the history of this mask. My grandfather was on the USS Baltimore during WW11. He brought this mask home, called her ‘Callie’, hung her over the back door and said she would ward off evil. No one remembers anything else. Kati, 1564

A: You have a mask made for the classic dance dramas of Bali. Poorly carved and painted, it is probably from a small village, 75 to 100 years ago. It has been quickly repaired and repainted to attract off-duty sailors. Because of its sloppy appearance and interesting history, I think it would add something unusual to a collection of Balinese masks. B-

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  • Bob Ibold

    This just came from Kati.

    Thankyou for the information, Bob! My son’s 6th grade teacher is retiring after 30+ years. He has quite a collection of masks & statues. Now that we have the history, I think we’ll pass ‘Callie’ on to him. Thank you very much!

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