One-eyed, black-skinned Moor from Mexico

Q:  I posted the last 2 masks from Veracruz, both Moors but in very different styles. Scans are attached f you’re interested in seeing them.  Aaron, 1218

A:  As always, thank you for sharing your recent mask acquisitions with us. It seems you are able to tract down wonderful finds in any part of the world. Couldn’t we do the same?

Try this… Just Google the indigenous people who populate the area where you are going. Also, don’t be afraid to visit some museums or read books ahead of time. The more you know, the better your results will be. Obviously, Aaron does a lot of research. Here is what he says about this one-eyed character he found in Veracruz.

DESCRIPTION: Moro (Moor) Mask
MAKER: Unknown
CEREMONY: Danza de los Moros y Cristianos
AGE: 1950s-1960s
OTHER MATERIALS: oil-based paint

The Danza de los Moros y Cristianos (Dance of the Moors and Christians) reenacts the reconquest of Spain by the Christians from the Muslim Saracens.  The story was taught by missionaries as part of an effort to instill respect for and fear of the Spaniards in the indigenous peoples, and to convince them that the victory of Christianity over other faiths—by violence whenever necessary—was inevitable.

The dance is still performed widely in Mexico, including in Mexico State, Michoacán, Puebla, and Veracruz. Important characters include Spaniards, Moors, saints, angels, and devils. This moro is unusual in having lost an eye.

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    Not a moor and neither from Veracruz, Before anything im Samuel Gore a mexican mask collector since i had 13 yo, now 29, this beauty mask is not a moor it is a charro or caporal from the danza de los rubios (dance of the blondes) from La Mixteca in Oaxaca, especifically from Juxtlahuaca Town; you can check some videos or pics to see. Hope this info works for you and if have any doubt in the future ill be glad to help see yuo then..

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