Our enemy, the powder post beetle

powder post beetle holes
powder post beetle holes

Q: These are photos of the mask I made of my dog Cadie. Don’t know if you can see the holes on the front. Back of mask, holes  a bit more visible.  Once I noticed the holes I left the mask in the freezer for 2 weeks then sprayed it with a clear, flat polymer.  Mark, 594

A: I’ve posted one of my own Mexican masks where you can see the work of beetles more clearly in a small photo. If this ever happens to you, take care of it promptly. They can spread. Mark’s use of the freezer has worked for me many times. It helps that I have an extra freezer in the basement. You only need to leave them in the freezer about three days, then keep an eye on them for a few months to make sure they’re all dead. There are also ways you can kill the bugs with moth balls, though it takes longer. Check out this mask collector for more info. And then some people just drop the mask off at professional exterminator an let him use his deadly spray.

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  • Bob Ibold

    Mark sent this to me by email.
    “Just read your post and I’m not sure if leaving it in the freezer works. It kills the critters living in the mask but I’ll add a note of caution– they may return! I also re-sprayed the mask with a matte poly and I hope that is enough to keep them at bay. Those nasties love the wheat paste newspaper combination! We all gotta eat!”

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