Paintball protective mask

This is a Flex 8 Goggle system that offers integrated vents on the jaw that have been strategically designed to encourage deflections and bounces. Features include…
Spectra Lens offering 260° field of vision
Dual Pane Thermal Lens
Dual Fusion Co-molding technology creates this unique venting system
Smaller profile to encourage deflections and bounces
Includes removable visor
Accepts Vortex 2 fan system

You can buy different kinds of paintball masks (new and used) for little money. This is true of many other kinds of protective masks for goalies, soldiers, wrestlers, sword fighters, divers, firemen, etc. Sometimes there are older versions that look much different and can be very desirable to serious collectors.

I just want to remind people visiting MasksoftheWorld.com for the first time that tribal masks are not the only kind that can be fun to collect. In addition to protection there categories for partying, protesting, sex, and who knows what else. Have fun, Bob

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