Probably from the Congo

aaaMystrySolvd-933Q:  Purchased for $3 at a thrift store in Flint MI. This mask is wood, 13 1/2″ long x 8″ wide (to edge of ears). It’s kind of a greenish-black color. The inside is dark, the wood at the mouth area is very worn. Any ideas as to origin, age, etc.? It has numerous wormholes and much original painted striping. Any ideas as to age, origin, etc?  James, 933

A:  I guess this comes from somewhere in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Not much help, because it’s such a big country and there are at least 100 separate cultures that produce distinctive designs. I hope someone will comment with a tribal designation, or combination of several influences. As far as age goes, it is usually impossible to guess because antiqued masks made for sale to tourists and export are often very well done.

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