East Asia

Hannya, the she-devil

aaaMystrySolvd-934Q:  I have a few masks for sale. (Then he lists each of them.)  Jeff, 934

A:  MasksoftheWorld.com does occasionally buy collections of masks. I also do appraisals for a fee.

Here is one of the Noh mask photos Jeff sent to me. I will rate it a B, which is just a guess based on this fuzzy photo. If you go to “East Asia” on the right of this page you will see another, different in style, Hannya. They both represent the beautiful woman who fell in love with a priest and was turned into a hideous monster. There are many other Noh Theater characters. Japanese Noh Masks by Friedrich Perzynski, pictures 181 different ones. Americans definitely prefer Hannya. She is also a favorite subject for tattoos and T-shirs.  B

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