Reproduction of pre-Columbian Mexican mask

Q:  I know very little about this mask. I took it, along with quite a few similar items, from a house my friends bought from an elderly lady being moved into a nursing home. She had no family, so we had the task of cleaning out the house. This mask is 8″ high and 7″ wide. Most of the other decorative items I collected seem to be from the American Southwest. One statue that looks to be from South America has a very old price tag that says $90, and it seems the most similar to this mask, so I thought maybe the mask would have some value. Even if not, I would like to know more about where it might have come from.  Pam, 1502

A:  This is a very high quality reproduction of an old Aztec eagle warrior mask. I would love to add it to my Mexican mask collection, but most collectors don’t like fakes. However, an authentic piece would cost mucho dinero.  B

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