South America

Chane Indians from NW Argentina

aaaMystrySolvd-940This mask was one of many Kathleen discovered in the storage unit she won at auction. It is an animal, perhaps a rabbit, that I would like to know more about. It is very appealing. Note the design, the teeny cheeks, and the marvelous little lips. I hope someone knows more about it and will share a comment with us.


  • Fabiana Rodriguez

    This is a Chane mask from Argentina, Salta province to be more exact. It is neither a rabbit nor an animal. By the way I could be interested in it should you wish to sell it.

  • Bob Ibold

    I’m so pleased that Fabiana helped us nail this one down. The Chane are an Arawak-speaking culture in a plains and valleys area west of the Andes and the Quechua-speaking culture of the former Inca empire. Bob

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