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Special Mahakala mask from Himalayas

Q:  I purchased this mask 20 years ago in an antique shop here in Portugal. I have taken good care of it, it looks +/- as it did at the time of purchase. It has a seal on the inside. The gold paint has been painted over  what used to be yellow. I was under the impression it was a Thai mask but after checking your website I believe it might be Balinese?  Duarte, 1337

A:  Mahakalas come in many styles. This larger one with its mustache and other interesting details is not like any I have seen before. It may have been used in culture because no attempt at antiquing has been made for sale to tourists. The red wax seal means it’s from Nepal and is probably over 50 years old. Try to contact a dealer in Himalayan traditional art for an expert’s opinion. The chance of authenticity will increase its value.


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