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Strange art mask

aaaMystrySolvd-710Q:  I acquired this mask decades ago. I was told at that time that it’s South American, but they knew nothing more than that. It is carved of wood, covered with pebbles (?), then painted. It has a dark brown or black undercoat which shows slightly where it’s worn. I look forward to the benefit of your opinion.  Martin, 710

A:  I like to refer to these as “art masks.” They can be lots of things: homemade masks made for a party, something different done by an artist or sculptor, a class project, etc. I have purchased quite a few over the years and you can see some of them on this website. I might have bought this one because I think it is cool! What is strange is that it is made with an old tribal carved-wood mask as its base. I’m going to give it an A, but don’t get too exited. The Mask Man has strange tastes. Most collectors avoid this kind of thing.  A

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