South Pacific Surprise

Q:  I found this in an antique store. They say its from Africa but it looks closer to New Guinea to me. I can’t find anything online. Could you help me out. It is approximately 9″ wide X 10″ high to edge of weaving. l collect almost any masks that are fairly old and not tourists models.
I also carve NW Native Masks.  Scott, 709

A: You are absolutely right about New Guinea, but I’m not sure whether it is authentic or a strictly for tourists item. Let’s be positive and go with authentic. Definitely New Guinea. I have seen PNG masks of this size that have woven reed borders much like this one. It would be nice to know more about it… what tribe is it from, how is it used, of what material is it made? Could it be a palm frond? Please do more research on this piece, and hopefully some visitors will comment. A?

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