The Darth Vader mask for Halloween

We’re getting close to Halloween. It’s an important holiday in the USA– relying heavily on masquerade, and second only to Christmas in its popularity. My favorite Halloween mask is the Darth Vader helmet. You could call it a futuristic version of Samurai armor. Rather than talk about Star Wars or construction details, I will point out that this is also a great work of art. To use a term most of our viewers are familiar with, it could become an important ethnographic artifact.  Bob, 1222




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  • Bob Ibold

    This is from the New York Times, Sun, Nov 5, 2017. “John Mollo, a largely self-taught historian whose expertise on military uniforms led George Lucus to choose him to design costumes for Star Wars, winning Mr. Mollo the first of two Academy Awards, died on Oct 25 in England. He was 86.”

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