Turnips fly at the Jarramplas Festival

flying turnips

Every January, on Saint Sebastian Day, the streets of Piornal, Spain, fill with residents armed with turnips, seeking to punish the Jarramplas. The Jarramplas is a devil-like character portrayed by a man wearing a costume made from colorful strips of fabric, a frightening mask, and body armor underneath. In a centuries-old tradition, he walks the streets and beats a drum while residents throw turnips at him as a punishment for stealing cattle. This was written by Alan Taylor. For more photos taken at the Festival, go to 

Why can’t we Americans have fun like this?


  • Nate

    Another attention grabbing Spanish festival: Entroida

    “In Entroida, a bunch of colourfully costumed masked men raid the streets of the Galicia, Spain, whipping unassuming people from behind, lifting skirts, and entering random houses to steal food. The festivities that follow is a town-wide mud fight or ‘Ragging’ (Farrapada) using pieces of cloth soaked in mud, ash, and dirt to attack other people. It’s all light-hearted fun until you realize the rags were actually spiked with vinegar and a legion of angry fire ants.”

  • Chris

    thanks for the link Bob, what a great bunch of excellent fotos…although being European, I had no clue about that particular day of fun 🙂

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