West African mask with coins on her head

Ibo, Puno or ...?
Ibo, Puno or …?
Q: I was given this mask as a birthday gift when I was a young teen. I have no info on it other than 9 coins embedded in rows of 3 on top of the head. The coins seem to be dated in the 1920’s and depict some sort of palm tree? Any help identifying and possible value would be appreciated, as I am 40 yrs old and have always wondered. Benny, 836

We know this mask was made in middle to late 20th century. I also see some resemblance to the work of the Ibo people in Nigeria and the Puno of Gabon. That’s a big chunk of West Africa. I think you should look at those coins and identify them. That might tell us more about the origin of this unusual piece. Other questions– is that hairdo or horns? Why is one eye missing? Maybe one of our readers will help. Or you could do some research on your own.

Benny, I don’t do appraisals on this blog. I sometimes will issue a letter-grade from A to D, but in this case the mask requires close examination to determine authenticity.

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