Native America

Native American Octopus mask

Q:  Got this mask from a neighbor who passed away. Was told a few names who it could be from the signature, done a lot of research and can’t confirm an artist nor tribe.  Logan, 1224

A:  Let’s not give up on this excellent, very original tribal mask from the Northwest Coast of Canada or the US called “Transforming Octopus.” Unfortunately I can’t read the carver’s signature. There are a number of skilled Indian carvers from this area and plenty of collectors from all over who could help us learn more about this mask. I hope some of them make a comment.

Here’s my comment. NWC Indian carvers make some of the best masks in the world. Their technical training is top-notch. The carving and decoration is perfect, but more importantly, the ideas and designs can be breath-taking. Look at this highly abstracted version of an octopus changing colors prior to attacking!  A

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