South America

Amazon tribal mask

Q:  I hope that this mask interests you.  It was an eBay purchase for $50 a few months ago.  Interestingly there are pieces of broken glass glued inside the eye holes.  Also the teeth seem to be made from cut off pieces of a saw.  The cape appears to have been made from beaten plant fiber.  The seller was not sure where it came from.  Steven, 1500

A:  The  Amazon rain forest is huge, taking up about half of the continent. There are still a number of indigenous Indians living in the remote areas, though many of the tribes have been killed or assimilated.

Yes, I am very interested in the mask. Your piece is different than any I’ve seen so I won’t try to identify the tribe. It is authentic and and has those wonderful features you mentioned. Most collectors of Amazon folk art would want to have it.  You could contact some dealer who specializes in Amazon material for more info. Good luck!  A

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