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Animal mask from Nepal

aaaMystrySolvd-961Q:  This mask was bought at auction in Ontario, Canada.  I don’t know if it is a wolf or a wild boar.  I  first thought it may be an aboriginal mask from the West Coast of Canada but now I’m wondering if it is Indonesian.  There is a small bit of a wax seal remaining which I saw on other Indonesian masks. Not sure if it has much value but I am downsizing and need to get rid of stuff. It definitely looks like it has been around for a long while.  Any help would be appreciated.  Brenda, 961

A:  Actually, it is from Nepal, probably the Middle Hills area. Not sure what animal it represents, but I suspect it was carved and stained to sell to tourists as a shaman’s headgear. The red wax seal was used by Nepal’s customs service to collect tax money.  C

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