Very old Guatemalan mask

aaaMystrySolvd-962-bQ:  I do collect African masks but recently bought a collection of seven which I believe are old Guatemalan. I have two of the smaller – I’m sending images of one. It must have a dozen layers of paint. These 7 masks I’ve just acquired are the most interesting to me at the moment. If you are interested in seeing the other new masks or any of my African collection just let me know! Appreciative of your consideration,  Arthur, 962

A:  This doesn’t happen to me often enough– a rare old mask that serious collectors would love to own can be pictured on this blog. It could be a vaquero, Indian or some other character from one of the traditional dances in Guatemala. The morerias (shops that make masks and costumes in Guatemala) often alter some characters by repainting with different colors to meet their current need. As Arthur observed, this mask has been repainted a lot over a period of many years. Too bad the glass eyes are missing, and the moreria initials have disappeared, but it is still a very desirable artifact.  A

PS:  It would be great if I could see some of your African treasures and post one to share with our readers.aaaMystrySolvd-962-c

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