Another New World Devil Mask

Q:  I’ve had this mask in my collection for quite some time now. I found it at a local antique shop for $60.The mask itself measures about 9.5 inches excluding the length of the horns. The horns have been nailed on the mask, and look like real goat horns.I have always believed it to be some kind of hand carved Diablo mask judging by the inside of it. What do you think?  Blake, 1170

A:  Your mask is a Diablo (Devil) from the state of Totonicapan in WestCentral Guatemala. On pages 252-5 of Guatemala’s Masks & Drama by Jim Pieper you can see several of them and read the story called “An Angel, a Devil and a Drunkard” on which the dance is based. These masks are rented from the Morerias located around Totonicapan. They are occasionally repainted as they get heavily used year after year. This one looks unused and was probably bought by a tourist. A-


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