Popular Salampasu mask from the DRC

Back on May 5th of this year Chris commented on my post which was of a Mexican decorative that happened to be my first mask ever. He was able to buy his first mask  cheap because the seller admitted it looked old, but had never been used. That kind of honesty is rare. I just found a great looking Sala Mpasu (the more accurate spelling) on the internet that may look like Chris’s.  Bob, 1171

Salampasu masks are easily identified by their bulging foreheads and balls wound of reeds which make up the headpiece and can dangle from the chin. They also have a strong nose and a pointed chin. Copper sheeting is often woven over the face. These masks are called a Kasangu and would have been worn during initiation into the men’s warrior societies.The Salampasu people live east of the Kasai and on the upper western reaches of the Lulua River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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