East Asia

Korean masks stand out

Q:  Can you tell me the origin of these masks?  There are two.  Richard, 882

A:  Even though the photo of this Korean mask is low is resolution and taken at too much of an angle, it shows one of the less common characters in the Yangu Pyeolsandae Nori which is the most popular folk performance in there. The Yangu has well over 20 characters in it and they all have a wonderful look that is different from the masks of any culture in the rest of the world. Though I was given almost no information, I think this is an undersized version made as a cheap souvenir. But I love the way it looks. More people should collect Korean masks. They are so unique… and there are hundreds to choose from when you consider all the plays and celebrations performed in South Korea.  Sometimes they are made of carved wood, but most are sturdy papier mache. The real ones have a cloth hood attached to the rear.  C

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