Native America

NWC Indian Raven Mask

NWC RavenQ:  I have a handful more in storage that I can get at but it will take a bit of searching.  One in particular has real teeth that I think is just delightful.  Attached for now is the Canadian signed one.  I just now looked at my other photos and they are awful so will have to get the husband to do better for me.  Let me know what you think.  Melissa, 981

A:  The pic you sent is a tradition raven mask from one of the Indian cultures that inhabit the Northwest Pacific Coast of America and British Columbia. The wonderful folk art made by those various tribes for ceremony and dancing is still in use today, though much of it is sold as art on the Internet and in galleries.  Because I cannot see how the beak opens or know the length, I will not give this mask a letter grade.  ?



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